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Egg boxes (6pk) are currently supplied to customers who have signed up to an online subscription and are able to pick them up from participating churches at their Sunday morning gathering.  

Looking after our hens, collecting, sorting and checking eggs and then boxing them up for the church orders, forms a really important and worthwhile part of our farm project. It is something that residents can do, as well as newcomers to the project.  And of course.....both our residents and our girls (250 of them) love the chat and the fuss - good for the mental health!!



If you are a church interested in partnering with us, or a member of an existing partner church who would like to sign up, please click on the egg box link which will take you to Nev's email contact. 


In 2019, our full-time farm assistant Loreta, piloted the vegetable box scheme - a weekly delivery of very fresh (mostly picked on delivery day as we then had no means of refrigeration!), seasonal fruit and veg to twelve customers.  In light of its success, we are aiming to offer this service to a greater number of customers this year, weather and COVID19 permitting! 

"It's like Christmas but with veg! Veg box delivery day is my favourite day of the week. I love the excitement of not knowing exactly what I'll get and the challenge of cooking with such a variety of rainbow food. It feels good for our family on so many levels - to feed our bodies but to know we are supporting the growth and development of people is even sweeter."

"One very happy customer at Hope Church with his box of veg. Thanks"

"You can't get fresher than this - from field to oven within 2 hours. Thank you Good Soil"

If you are interested in the veg box scheme and would like to know more, please click on the tomato which will take you to Loreta's email contact.

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