This a really lovely indoor plant which needs little attention whilst looking very graceful!  In Dutch, this Parthenocissus plant is known as 'Suikerdruifje', which literally translates as 'sugar grape'.  The plant can be placed in either a standing or hanging pot (pictured here in one of our hand made clay pots). This Parthenocissus is easy to care for. The soil should be kept slightly damp at all times but is perfectly fine for the soil to feel dry occasionally. It prefers a moderate amount of sunlight and should therefore be placed in partial shade.  Available in mini (6cm), small (9cm pictured here) or medium (12cm dia). PLEASE NOTE, THIS PURCHASE IS FOR THE PLANT ONLY.  Please use the link to purchase the hand built clay pot separately. DUE TO THE FRAGILE NATURE OF TRANSPORTATION,  NEXT DAY DELIVERY IS RECOMMENDED FOR PLANT ORDERS.

Parthenocissus striata - indoor plant